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About Us

Where it all started - Quarry Springs Outfitters in Colfax

240 Acres of Clear, Spring-Fed Water

Established in Quarry Springs Park in 2017 to provide exciting and fun paddlesport recreation to the central Iowa area. Quarry Springs Outfitters offers Single and Multi-Passenger Kayaks with Paddles and PFD's included.

Quarry Springs Outfitters

Recreation or Fishing

Whether you want to take it easy or try your luck at catching a big one, these lakes have enough room and sport for everyone. Enjoy a kayak by yourself or with your family for an hour or several hours, it's all up to you.

Crescent Kayaks on Quarry Springs

Rent or Own

We are excited to announce that we will be renting in Colfax as well as Johnston this year!

Quarry Springs Outfitters not only rents kayaks but sells new kayaks and equipment too. Take a kayak out for a spin, if you like the one you're in or see one from their supplier you like better, we can order it for you.