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Riot Corran Stiletto Paddle Board

Riot Corran Stiletto Paddle Board

Riot Corran Paddle Boards
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Women make up the fastest growing segment of paddleboarding today. Over half of all paddleboarders are women, which makes sense given how fun and easy this sport is.  Whether you’re into it for fitness paddling, yoga, surfing or just general recreation, paddleboarding is fun and exciting.

The Stiletto is rocket fast; fast enough to keep up with full length race boards. So whether you’re a fitness freak, or simply want a board that allows you to paddle long distances easily, in a package that’s easy to transport and store, this is the board that can do it all. The shorter length means it’s easy to carry, and easy to transport. It fits in a station wagon or mini van, and stores vertically in most garages. Ultra light construction means you can carry and load it with one hand. Narrower outlines where the paddle enters the water, to compensate for women having narrower shoulders, means the paddling position is comfortable. Comfortable and non-chaffing deck pads so you won’t get foot cramps.

Aesthetically pleasing, performance based fitness paddleboard, for everyone from the dedicated enthusiast, to the casual user, the Stiletto covers it all. The Stiletto uses our patent pending skeg system rather than a conventional fin, offering superior tracking, reduced concern about catching rocks and other submerged objects, and greater ease of use and is made from our Carbon-Lite technology.


Stiletto – 10′ x 28″ x 7″ – 186ltr