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Riot Corran Hydra Modular Paddle Board
Riot Corran Hydra Modular Paddle Board
Riot Corran Hydra Modular Paddle Board

Riot Corran Hydra Modular Paddle Board

Riot Corran Paddle Boards
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The Hydra has to be the best thing to come along in quite some time for paddleboarding. This remarkable board solves many issues for the recreational user. The 9′ board breaks down into three pieces which can be carried in a bag on public transport, checked onto an airplane, put into the back of your Smart Car, and when you’re all done, fits neatly in your shoe closet. Assembled, the board boasts superior performance to inflatable boards, being stiffer with a more efficient shape, stronger than Epoxy boards and lighter than plastic. You can also ad a second center section to increase its length for distance paddling, or for tandem paddling, and remove the center section for kids or pool yoga. Inexpensive, easy, efficient and adjustable to your families every need.

The sections slide together on stiff tubes, and then lock together using a ratchet buckle. Once assembled, you’d never know it was a take apart. The board also uses our patent pending flip-up-skeg so you don;t have to worry about hitting rocks, sand bars, or beaching. Just step on, and go!

The Hydra does not come standard with the carry bag or the second center section. This board is manufactured from Polypropylene, not polyethylene like the other Plastic Boards.


Hydra: 9′” x 34″ x 5.5″ – 220ltr