Riot Corran Doppler Paddle Board

Riot Corran Doppler Paddle Board

Riot Corran Paddle Boards
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The Doppler has been our best selling epoxy board since we first opened our doors. This is because it’s simply a joy to paddle. It has all the glide you’d want in a board designed to carry you effortlessly across your lake, and have the stability you’d want in open ocean conditions.

The recessed standing area increases stability significantly without having to make it impossibly wide. This allows you to paddle it keeping feet dry and secure knowing you’re spending your day paddling, not swimming after your board. Its superior Tuff-Stuff epoxy construction means you don’t have to baby it like you would a carbon board, while still keeping the overall weight at an acceptable level.

If you’re looking for one board that truly does it all, from fitness paddling, to excursions with your kid on board, to fishing and even messing about in some waves, you’ve found the right board.

The Doppler uses our patent pending skeg system rather than a conventional fin, offering superior tracking, reduced concern about catching rocks and other submerged objects, and greater ease of use.


Doppler 12’6″ x 32″ x 6.2″ – 243ltr